About us:

OUTlook is known and recognized on the Northern Michigan University campus as a safe support system for our student members. OUTlook strives for a reputation as an organization that provides exceptional resources to the community and its members related to the Queer, Questioning, and Ally Community.

Each year, OUTlook works diligently to provide a series of speakers that help to educate our members on issues related to LGBTQUIAA topics and effective activism. In an effort to unite our members and create a more cohesive group OUTlook sponsors social events such as, but not limited to: movie nights, bowling, campus chalking, dances, attending local theater productions, and art museums. We also coordinate or help coordinate in holding an annual drag show, National Coming Out Week, Trans* Awareness week, as well as Day of Silence/Night of Noise. OUTlook is a non-profit organization.